Want to teach in China? We help and advise hundreds of teachers from English speaking countries to find English teaching jobs in China. If you have already started, or are thinking of an English teaching career, or time off from your usual occupation, then we can help you on your way.

Teaching Abroad

Every year tens of thousands of teachers go to countries in Asia to teach English – particularly English teaching in China, Korea, and Japan, which are all countries with a strong demand for native speaking English teachers. Teaching positions range from kindergarten, junior, senior, adult and business English students – so there is something for everyone. In fact, these days an English teacher can make a respectable income teaching English in many countries.

China Teaching Advice

We offer free independent advice about important aspects of teaching English overseas, such as teaching English materials to better help your students master English.

TEFL Certificate Courses

We know that getting a TEFL / TESOL certificate before you apply to teach English abroad makes you more appealing to potential schools, universities and other English teacher employers and volunteer programs. Consequently, we offer FREE online 120-hour TEFL / TESOL certification to all the teachers we place.

Meeting People Through Teaching

We encourage potential teachers to utilize WeChat to meet and get to know people in China even before you leave. New friends are a great source of local information and a lot of fun to have.