Children’s English Teacher in Jinan, China

Established in 2008, Best Learning is an English training institute that has more than thirty centers nationwide, with more than 20,000 families benefitting from the Best Learning experience. Traditional American Kindergarten (ages 2-6) and primary school (ages 7-12) curriculum is the heart of Best Learning’s educational structure.

Teaching Hours per week: 25 hours
Office Hours per week: 10 hours
Students’ Age: 3-12 years old
Class Size: Less than 14
Duration of each class: 50 Minutes
Contract Length: One Year
Start time: As soon as possible
Age Required: 20-40 years old
Salary: 9,000 RMB for the first month,11,000 RMB will be paid to the employee for the next five months,After six months it will be 12,000RMB
Airfare compensation of up to 7,000 RMB after 12 months contract
Bonus: 1000-8000 RMB
Apartment: The school will provide an apartment for each teacher.
Utility: Teacher should pay by themselves.
Paid Holidays: 11 days