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How to Teach in China Without a Degree

With an approximated 400+ million Chinese learning English, China represents the biggest job market in the world for teaching English and the demand for English teachers is tremendous. Language schools in China often provide foreign [...]

Basic Chinese Greetings

Chinese is a pretty difficult language for English speakers to learn compared to Spanish or French. However, if you're going to China, take the time to learn some basics. The words below appear both in Chinese characters [...]

What are ESOL, EFL, ESL, ESP, and EAP?

Even some English language teachers don't understand the differences between these acronyms so don't feel bad if they confuse you too. When I first started teaching English language classes in public schools in Texas, it [...]

How Can I Teach English in China?

Want to teach in China? We help and advise hundreds of teachers from English speaking countries to find English teaching jobs in China. If you have already started, or are thinking of an English [...]

China’s Mania for Learning English

Currently, China has a “mania” about learning English. You might see pregnant women singing English songs to their babies, senior citizens in parks practicing English speaking, and students paying big bucks for for tutoring [...]

Cost of Living in China

The overall cost of living in most cities in China is much lower than in the despite lower salaries, foreign teachers' incomes in China actually provide a comfortable lifestyle. Foreign English teachers in China [...]

Which Cities in China Have the Least Pollution?

China is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, but the number of tourists visiting China is declining, mainly because of China's increasingly serious air pollution. Many cities regularly have hazy polluted [...]

3 Tips for Teaching in Shanghai

by Damon L. Hansen, MA For years I dreamed about admiring the Great Wall of China and seeing the Terracotta Army and visiting the city of Lhasa to gaze up the Dalai Lamas' golden coffins [...]

10 Keys to Teaching English Abroad in China

Believe me, teaching English Abroad in China, Japan, South Korea, or another foreign country is a life-changing experience that will make you a better person and change the way you look at the world. [...]

6 Dating Tips for Teaching Abroad

Dating while in another country can often seem like another universe full of small but crucial signs you have to look out for, making sense of traditions and languages you’ve never heard before.  What [...]

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