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3 Tips for Teaching in Shanghai

by Damon L. Hansen, MA For years I dreamed about admiring the Great Wall of China and seeing the Terracotta Army and visiting the city of Lhasa to gaze up the Dalai Lamas' golden coffins adorned with jewels and emeralds and rubies. However, there were numerous considerations, I had to resolve before taking the plunge [...]

5 of China’s Top 10 Cities with Clean Air are in Guangdong

Are you looking for a city without the smog that Beijing is famous for? China's Ministry of Environmental Protection has announced that 5 of China's top 10 cities with clean air are in Guangdong province. Countrywide, the top 10 Chinese cities with the best air quality are Haikou, Huizhou, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Zhouzhan, Jiangmen, [...]

10 Keys to Teaching English Abroad in China

Believe me, teaching English Abroad in China, Japan, South Korea, or another foreign country is a life-changing experience that will make you a better person and change the way you look at the world. However, getting the job is just the start of your adventure. Once you get there, the work of teaching begins. [...]

Cost of Living in China

The overall cost of living in most cities in China is much lower than in the despite lower salaries, foreign teachers' incomes in China actually provide a comfortable lifestyle. Foreign English teachers in China usually earn 2-3 times more than a local Chinese teacher. Most teachers can enjoy frequent meals at restaurants, trips to [...]

8 Biggest Culture Shock Issues for Foreign Teachers in China

There are lots of ways in which China amazes people. It is one of the few places left, especially in the rural areas, where westernization has actually not occurred to the extent that it has in several other areas of the world. To most tourists, there are numerous aspects of China that will certainly [...]

Tips for Teaching English in Chinese Preschools and Kindergartens

  Preschoolers have short attention spans, so change activities every 5 to 10 minutes. If you stay longer than 10 minutes in one activity, your students very well may become restless and you'll end up spending all your time just trying to hold their attention. Introduce only a little bit of new vocabulary in [...]

How Can I Teach English in China?

  Want to teach in China? We help and advise hundreds of teachers from English speaking countries to find English teaching jobs in China. If you have already started, or are thinking of an English teaching career, or time off from your usual occupation, then we can help you on your way. Teaching Abroad [...]

Advantages of Teaching in China Rather Than Japan or South Korea

Many westerners are flocking to Asia to teach the English language, and China has more job openings that Japan and South Korea combined plus there's less competition for job. China has been rapidly changing internally in the past 20 years, opening up the doors to western culture and embracing open trade with the outside world.  [...]

Why I Both Love and Hate Living in Beijing

Are you thinking about moving to Beijing? Perhaps you're an English teacher like me and are trying to choose where to apply for jobs. Well, let me tell you why I both love and hate living in Beijing. The Good Stuff Food Every kind of food and dining imaginable is available in Beijing. I have [...]

China’s Mania for Learning English

Currently, China has a “mania” about learning English. You might see pregnant women singing English songs to their babies, senior citizens in parks practicing English speaking, and students paying big bucks for for tutoring to prepare for the TOEFL test. Three hundred years ago, people studied English to understand the world and communicate with [...]