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Annette is the Director of EnglishTeacherChina.com and eTeachAbroad.com

TEFL Interview Questions

Read on to find a list of the most likely interview questions for ESL/TEFL positions and how to answer them correctly. How has your education and/or experience helped to prepare you for this position? Think about the skills necessary to be a good teacher and highlight how your education/experience has helped to improve those skills. [...]

Basic Chinese Greetings

Chinese is a pretty difficult language for English speakers to learn compared to Spanish or French. However, if you're going to China, take the time to learn some basics. The words below appear both in Chinese characters and in pinyin, the form of Chinese that can be written with the Roman/English alphabet with the addition of some [...]

Solutions for China’s English Teacher Shortage

Almost two billion people - that's around one in three people - study English as a second language. Where are the English teachers coming from and how can China attract them? The English Proficiency Index by English First released statistics on where English is learned around the world and spoken the best. Note that sadly, [...]

What are ESOL, EFL, ESL, ESP, and EAP?

Even some English language teachers don't understand the differences between these acronyms so don't feel bad if they confuse you too. When I first started teaching English language classes in public schools in Texas, it was called ESL but since then I've come upon many other acronyms like EFL, ESP, and ELL that provide more [...]

Dave’s ESL Café for the Best TEFL TESOL Teach Abroad Jobs

If you've considered teaching English abroad, you've almost certainly visited the website known as Dave’s ESL Cafe, Dave's Cafe, or ESL Cafe, the oldest and most popular job website for people who want to teach English overseas. Creator Dave Sperling started Dave's ESL Cafe back in 1995 after teaching overseas for 10 years and getting [...]

5 Huge Mistakes My First Year Teaching English in China

Below are the 5 biggest mistakes that I made when I first went to teach English in China. I'm sharing them so you can learn from them without going through the pain and frustration that I went through. Don't do what I did! 1. I hung out mainly with foreigners. I was so freaked out [...]

How to Teach in China Without a Degree

With an approximated 400+ million Chinese learning English, China represents the biggest job market in the world for teaching English and the demand for English teachers is tremendous. Language schools in China often provide foreign English instructors with such advantages as complimentary airline ticket reimbursement after one year, a housing allowance, medical insurance coverage, and [...]

5 of China’s Top 10 Cities with Clean Air are in Guangdong

Are you looking for a city without the smog that Beijing is famous for? China's Ministry of Environmental Protection has announced that 5 of China's top 10 cities with clean air are in Guangdong province. Countrywide, the top 10 Chinese cities with the best air quality are Haikou, Huizhou, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Zhouzhan, Jiangmen, [...]

Which Cities in China Have the Least Pollution?

China is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, but the number of tourists visiting China is declining, mainly because of China's increasingly serious air pollution. Many cities regularly have hazy polluted air. Unfortunately, the rapid growth of China’s economy and industry in the past 40 years has led to an environmental catastrophe. [...]

7 Teaching Principles New English Language Teachers Often Forget

1) Reduce Teacher Talk Time In order for your students to learn to speak English, they must practice talking. However, when you're talking to them, they're not talking. Consequently, learn to zip your lips! This can be hard to get the hang of but if you want to be a good English teacher, you MUST [...]