main-qimg-6b742bbaff23389c6302de4c92ba3c26Many westerners are flocking to Asia to teach the English language, and China has more job openings that Japan and South Korea combined plus there’s less competition for job. China has been rapidly changing internally in the past 20 years, opening up the doors to western culture and embracing open trade with the outside world.  The country has gained massive economic power and everyone is acknowledging this fact and getting ready for its rise.  Many countries include Mandarin in their primary school curriculum, but China itself is preparing to face the Western world by learning English.

English teachers are in great demand in China nowadays.  Jobs abound for foreigners who can teach English.  With basic requirements, one can teach in a good public school, university or language school and get paid enough to travel during vacations or pay off college loans.  All you really need is a bachelor’s degree and a native fluency in English.   TEFL / TESOL training is a plus, but is not required by most schools.  You don’t even have to have previous teaching experience in most cases.

There are a few things to be prepared for if you are considering a teaching job in China. There are numerous sites on the internet that can guide you on your quest to become an English teacher.  Schools and employers usually provide free and comfortable lodging, pay you around 12,000 RMB per month, arrange your work visa, and give you 16-25 teaching hours per week. Although it is prohibited to take on more work other than that provided for you by your primary employer, things can be arranged and you’ll see that most teachers have on-the-side jobs teaching teenagers, businessmen, and summer schools at per hour rates.

China welcomes English teachers into their country.  Students are usually eager to learn and are respectful of their teachers. Living costs are one of the cheapest in the world. You’ll also get to experience a new culture, learn about China’s rich history and visit wonderful places in this amazing country.  This country has lots to offer, and now is the best time to teach English in China.