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How it Works

1. Apply

Read our FAQ and fill out the short application below to get the process started. We also suggest that you install WeChat on your smart phone and add our director using WeChat ID AnnetteThompson.

2. Interview

We will submit your information to several schools according to your requirements and theirs. We always place our teacher’s needs first. Our goal is to get you the best paid, most fulfilling job possible.

3. Start Work

Once you’ve accepted a job, we will work with your school to help you prepare the paperwork necessary to get your visa and prepare for China. If you don’t have TEFL / TESOL certification, we’ll provide it to you at no cost.

4. Ongoing Support

Even after you arrive in China, we’re here to support you your entire year (or more) in China. We can introduce you to new friends in China, encourage you when you go through culture shock, and even help with lesson planning.

Teach English in China

Want to teach English in China? Do you enjoy teaching children or adults? Would you like the adventure of teaching in China for a year? Then we have a job for you! We are seeking English speakers from the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand to teach English in China for a year (or longer if you wish). We recruit for hundreds of schools all over China such as English First, Wall Street English, Meten English, Golden Apple, public schools, international schools, universities, and more.

Don’t want to fly to China alone? No problem, fly over with other new teachers and our American Director, Annette Thompson. She’ll help you get settled and adjusted to Chinese culture. We take EXCELLENT care of our teachers with ongoing American and local support for your entire year in China. We’re invested in your success. We’ve been overseas teachers ourselves and we’ll help you the entire time you’re overseas.

A Bachelor’s degree and experience is recommended. The good news is that you do NOT need to know how to speak Chinese, and we provide FREE TEFL / TESOL 120-hour online certification to all the teachers we place.

Many people who choose to teach English in China, do so because it’s so beautiful and exotic. China is in an enormous country with diverse geography, climate, and people groups. Teaching English in China gives you the opportunity to explore China and other Asian countries on your days off and take holidays like you never could before.

In addition, teaching English in China can be very emotionally rewarding if you take the time to get to know your students and invest emotionally in their lives. Whether you’re teaching children or adults there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction that comes from seeing a student succeed because of your hard work and belief in them.

Teaching overseas may be one of the most empowering decisions of your life. Stepping out of your comfort zone and proving to yourself overseas will help you realize that you can achieve any goal you put your mind.


You can teach English in China without knowing how to speak Chinese. Students expect to get immersed in English during class and so speaking Chinese is actually discouraged in class. You will not need to speak Chinese or translate the language to the students if you present it in such a way that they can understand. For this, proper planning and use of realia can be crucial. Often there is the option of having a Chinese teaching assistant to help with giving instructions and translating if need be, especially for young learner classes.

Schools offer a competitive salary that provides a good standard of living in China. Teachers generally find that their salary gives them a purchasing power in China that is much stronger than in their home country. Its possible to live comfortably and save up to half your salary.

We take excellent care of our teachers. Though we are paid by the schools we send teachers to, our number one priority is our teachers. We know what different schools are looking for and can quickly match you up with a school that will appreciate what you have to offer. Schools have an incentive to treat you fairly because otherwise, we won’t refer them other teachers in the future. Also, we are a small American-owned company that provides individualized, ongoing support for you the entire time you’re in China. We have lived and taught in China ourselves and we have many contacts throughout China who can help you if needed.

You pay up-front for your flight but most schools give you 5000 RMB to coverf flight costs after completion of your 12 month contract. If you quit and break your contract, you will not get this money.

Job Types


If you have lots of energy and love singing, dancing, and cuddling, then kindergartens in China will love you. These jobs are usually weekdays only.

Language Schools

English training center jobs are the most common types of jobs. They are typically evenings and weekends. You’ll get 2 weekdays off to serve as your weekend.

Public Schools

Don’t want to teach in a “commercialized” setting? Teach in a public elementary or middle school. The class sizes are large so classroom management is key.


University jobs are the lowest paid jobs for English teachers but they usually require the least amount of teaching time and you get school holidays off.


Don’t want to teach kids? There are a few English training companies in China that only teach adults or teach only teens or adults.

Apply Now

Fill out our short form and upload your resume

Please make sure you read our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS before submitting your information. For example, the FAQ page explains that you must buy your own plane ticket to China (around $600) but most schools will reimburse you at the end of your one-year contract. Also, if you are black we suggest you first watch this video about racism in China.

    Please upload a professional-looking (not sexy) headshot photo in jpg format

    Upload your CV / resume here in doc or pdf format or email it asap to Annette@eTeachAbroad.com.

    If you don't have a 4-year degree and you don't have work experience teaching kids, please make a simple 1-5 minute YouTube video demonstrating your ability to teach a children's song with hand motions. Ask us for song ideas.

    What experience do you have with children or teaching? Why do you want to move to China? Which ages are you comfortable teaching: kindergarten, primary, middle school, high school, adults? Can you work weekends? Write in PERFECT English.


    When I began my search for a teaching job in China, I had no idea what to expect. Luckily, I came across Annette with EnglishTeacherChina.com. Not only did she help guide me every step of the way, but she was kind and comforting, exactly what someone needs before entering the unknown world of teaching and living in a foreign country! She even continued to guide and comfort me when and after I arrived in China. Annette was in China when I arrive, and she was able to meet me at my school during my first week of teaching. Even after Annette left, she was always helpful and quick to respond to any of my questions or concerns while continuing to teach at my new job in China. I highly recommend beginning your search for teaching abroad right here with Annette, you won’t regret it!

    Julianne Ackerman

    Annette was extremely helpful during the entire process. Moving to another country is a very challenging ordeal and having someone like Annette on your side makes all the difference. She’s continued to be incredibly helpful even after arriving, fielding every one of my questions and following up with helpful suggestions. She has been a critical part of the process!

    Max Downing

    As soon as we got in touch, Annette guided me through every step of the process. I have had THE BEST experience under her guidance. Annette has been amazing at finding the best jobs out there. I’m so glad I met her. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone!

    Natalie Ronquillo

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